Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us by email or phone for availability of reservation dates, for equipment rental options, or to learn more. View our Rental Agreement.

Q.) We are not from Canada or the US do we need an international drivers license?
A.) Yes we require an international drivers license for ALL drivers

Q.) Do you offer long-term rentals?
A.) We have a max amount of time of 2 weeks where you can rent the van.

Q.) I want to use my own car insurance. What must it include?
A.) We require that you carry full coverage for ALL drivers, with minimum limits of $200,000.00 per occurrence. No van will be released without proof of current insurance coverage. For our international guests we can offer you coverage for $20.00 a day (you must have an international driver’s license). This is required by the insurance underwriter. You can purchase a separate 'binder' from your insurance company- these generally provide you with the best coverage for your rental. Your agent can provide you with a detailed printout which can emailed to us. We will provide you with the VIN number and registration information upon request. You are responsible for any and all damage or loss you cause to the vehicle, or others, regardless of fault.

We provide the Hawaii State minimum coverage on our vans. Liability to others:
1) Bodily injury $20,000 / $40,000.
2) Property damage $10,000.
3) Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage- Medical expenses only; $10,000.
You are responsible for all damages to van and others.

Q.) Can I use my credit card issued insurance.
A.) You can check but most credit card issued insurances DO NOT cover older vans or RV rentals.

Q.) We don’t have a major credit card can we still rent a van?
A.) No sorry we need a credit on file to hold the security deposit.

Q.) We left the headlights/battery on and the battery is dead what should we do? OR we got a flat tire what should we do?
A.) No worries, all of our vans come with 24/hr. roadside assistance. Give us a call and we will help you out.

Q.) What happens if the van breaks down?
A.) Give us a call and we will either fix the problem on the spot or give you a new van.

Q.) What happens if we get into an accident or someone hits the van?
A.) Call us immediately.

Q.) How many passengers can travel in the vans?
A.) 3 adults max or 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 10.

Q.) Is it possible to install a child’s car seat in the van?
A.) Yes a car seat fits although we do not supply car seats.

Q.) What type of gas do I need to use?
A.) Our vans require premium gasoline only

Q.) What do I need to do before returning the van?
A.) Pack all apala (trash), personal belongings and fill your van up with premium gas only. A $10/gal charge will be added on if the tank is not returned full.

Q.) How many gallons of fresh water do the vans hold?
A.) 13.2 gallons

Q.) Can I drink the water from the faucet?
A.) No you cannot drink the water from the van kitchen faucet.

Q.) Can we smoke inside the van
A.) Great questions! No please do not smoke inside the van, any evidence of smoking inside the van will result in an additional fee of $300.

Q.) Can I get my deposit back if I cancel my trip?
A.) All cancellations must be confirmed in writing (E-mail, fax or letter). A $50 processing charge applies to all cancellations made at any time after deposit is accepted. For cancellations made less than 30 days prior to scheduled pick-up, the $250.00 deposit shall be forfeited.

Q.) What are your age restrictions on renting a van?
A.) All drivers must be 21 years of age.

Q.) Is there a shower and toilet in the van?
A.) No there is a not a shower or toilet. All campsites listed on website offer shower and bathroom facilities, there are even a few campgrounds that offer hot water.

Q.) Do the campervans have 4WD?
A.) No, the vans do not have 4WD and should never be put in a situation where 4WD is needed. We hope you would treat our vehicles as if they were your own. The campervans should NEVER leave the pavement. Taking these campervans anywhere off-road is STRICTLY prohibited. Polihale State Park: there is no service once you leave the paved road. This and other sand/ dirt roads are off limit. Our girls are old, rent a jeep and we will loan you the gear. We didn’t want to add GPS but the vans were still going there. After a $4,000 transmission and a van down for a month we are installing the tracking systems. At our discretion you will forfeit the van deposit ($500) if the van is taken off main road and enters the dirt road to Polihale.